Home Care Caregiver in Dunwoody

At CareMinders® Home Care, our goal is to exceed the expectations of clients and their families on a daily basis, after all…

“Your Comfort is Our Responsibility”

We offer a wide range of both long and short term assistance to our clients, regardless of age. You or your loved one may have a temporary or permanent disability or illness, or may just be in need of someone to assist with a variety of services. Examples of the skilled and non-medical services we provide include the following*:

  • Companion & Socialization Services
  • Personal Care
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Therapies
  • Long-Term Chronic Care
  • Catastrophic Care CLASScare
  • Short-Term Assistance
  • Concierge Services

The key to providing personalized care to clients begins with a comprehensive approach to care planning. Our needs assessment method is unique in the industry and offers a case management approach to meet the overall needs of the client. The needs assessment includes evaluating the clinical, physical, social, functional, nutritional and psychological aspects of each client including their current health and wellness status. The assessment also includes environmental issues that may impact the outcome of improved health. We also address the difficult issues of emergency planning using our comprehensive emergency management plan. We spend considerable time in addressing prevention of injury with the client, family and caregivers. All clients are assessed for risk of fall and caregivers will provide support to minimize the possibility of fall. We work hard at fall prevention, as injury from falls is one of the leading causes of institutionalization for the elderly.

Our case management approach offers in-home solutions to improve the health and overall well being of the client. We plan for contingencies should problems or emergencies occur. With all the data, we are able to develop a customized service plan or plan of treatment in concert with the client, family and physician. The plan is goal specific with compatible caregivers held accountable for results toward achievable objectives.

Compatibility in caregivers is another unique approach taken by CareMinders® Home Care. Part of the assessment process includes the determination of characteristics suitable for the successful implementation of the service plan while also considering the personal preferences of clients. These characteristics are based on criteria in four categories: service needs, personality requirements, social compatibility and environmental compatibility.

Whether you or your loved one has a temporary or permanent disability/illness, or may just be in need of someone to assist with socialization, we can help. Please contact us to receive more information about how our services can be customized to meet your specific needs.